unable to trade, page loading incomplete

I have been trying to reach out to you guys from past whole week through mailing support, nothing is being resolved.

My trade page is not loading properly.
I cant see bids and asks page, Each time i click on EXCHANGE it never loads at full, loading ends up in middle of nowhere.

All my btc is stuck in here because of this.
I need to trade before i get some serious loss.
I have sent you guys emails regarding this and all i am getting in response is that please check your vpn's connected or not, clear your browsing history, cache etc etc ...
I have tried logging in from 5 other devices, 3 different internet connections, cleared all history and cache AND THERE IS NO VPN/PROXY CONNECTED.

Twice i got a mail from HITBTC that "We have escalated the issue to our second-level support experts and flagged it as high priority". fix this already

Nothing is working for me.
when i open this link page is BLANK.

Please fix this for me


  • I have the same problem! I'm losing so much money I can't sell or access funds! WHAT A SCAM, FIX THIS AND PAY ME BACK MY LOSS HITBTC
  • This has Just happened to my HitBTC account.Exactly as described above. I cannot see anything to do with Trade activity, No BUY/SELL order book, No Depth chart, No Trading Instruments view, No chart... Nothing. I had a broken english email earlier on but nothing since then.. No sign of fix.. gutted!.
  • same thing just happened to me
  • same thing just happened to me

    account page loads fine, but exchange page only loads their notices and nothing else... wtf?
  • I encounter the same problem after sending several bug report reports that I had a purchase order that was gone and lost coins.
    No response from HITBTC.
    I had already reported a problem and I had a whimsical response 1 month after !
    I wonder if this is not voluntary HitBTC pat when coins disappear.
    What to do to recover its money since nothing can be done with this site?
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