help me disabling 2FA ( Unsloved)

I won't log in my account: , due to I broke my phone with Google Authenticator.
I had provided all information to hitbtc support team according to their indication.  Support team said they forwarded to
Security department, but I waited for a week over, my problem is existing, please disable 2FA for my profile, thanks!


  • I have the same issue.
    its been 4 weeks now, I have sent seveval email to the support but unfortunately no reply from them.
    I hope from the forum think are going to change
  • oh, hope their support team and security team help us to solve this problem asap.
  • #241682 and #244792
    Pls disable my 2fa authenticator
  • I have the same issue with my first acc. #251479
  • #241682 and #244792
    Pls disable my 2fa authenticator
  • please help me removed 2FA , because I can't log in my account:
    I had provided all documents and information according to your requested.
    Support does not answer for a long time, please disable 2 FA, thanks!
  • same issue, 6 weeks now.
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