stop limit order not working at all again

hello your website have a lot of problem,chat can suddenly disappear although now is okay but now your stop limit order is not working and made me losing money again.i have place my stop limit order to sell BTG yesterday on my BTG,i set the "stop price" at 0.0615 and "price"=0.113 yesterday the price was 0.07 and fall to around 0.05 BTC but my limit order not working at all,it was not sell my BTG on 0.0615 btc like what i set before and now the price drop to 0.0424 how can i sell now.i loss money if i sell now.can you please fix all the system because it's really uncomfortable the lag of your system and my stop limit order to sell BTG was not working.don't you think if i set the stop price to 0.0615 it should be executed at 0.0615 but the price drop to 0.05 btc yesterday and not sell at all.i don't understand can you please check and fixed all this tired with your system.please check my order i have set my stop limit order to 0.0615 it's stop limit order not limit order both are different yesterday.
please go to the exchange section and click the stop limit order and you can see the option is like this
yesterday i set on the stop limit to sell BTG =

amount =xxx BTG

price=0.113 BTC


The price drop to 0.05 yesterday but your stop limit to sell was not working at all and then today the price drop to 0.03 can you please tell me why it's not working.please check my stop limit order in your database,i set like i told you above.

Ticket ID: 45262
thank you very much for your help.


  • Hello! We are experiencing a heavy load on our service, so trading operations could work in a wrong way.
    Our engineers are working on eliminating this issue, so soon everything will return to its normal state.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconveniences and thank you for your patience.
  • Fantastic, I didnt work today for me neither. The set stop sale price did never get activated when the price dropped right below it. Great! Thats great when you cannot rely on a stop sale price function...
  • Dear @Zlex how things are going now?
  • Withdrawal is pending from 7 march 2018 Kindly check these tickets
    My XEM withdrawal is not processed by @hitbtc
    Showing oldest on system health @HitBTC_Support_Team

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