NEO not arrived in my HitBTC account

Hi, I have deposit 1 NEO on 2018-03-09 18:44:29 from binance,

HitBTC wallet address is


Txid: 85e54fd81f5cc0478ebf1ad8184d7a510d4dc4e7bc81578bfa5c9b44e06386b4

NEOSCAN confirms the transaction

But not at HitBTC, please help!



  • Anyone from support please???
  • I have same problem and in my case it is about 73 neo. Did you write to Hitbtc support?
  • No i havnt wrote anything to them yet, as there is neo twitter acount says that they have some problem, so i m waiting for them to give green signal and then i ll ask hitbtc
  • I have tried to submit a ticket to hitbtc but there in currency list neo is not available, and in system health the deposit is offline, I just have this question from hitbtc team, when will this maintenance be done? this is really frustrating, I deposit NEO in kucoin and and both are done fine, but i m only having this issue here on, i dont know what to do now, please help!!
  • Hitbtc is very reliable exchange and i heard many good reviews about it, but this is my first time with them and my money is stuck!!
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