Going on 4 months Tron tokens still not in my account.

I Want my coins its going on 4 months now. I want my Tron!

Already made a submission and have recieved zero support. Support id#211858

Help from support please! [@HitBTC_Support](https://forum.hitbtc.com/profile/HitBTC_Support) [@HitBTC_Support_Team](https://forum.hitbtc.com/profile/HitBTC_Support_Team) [@HitBTC_SupportTeam](https://forum.hitbtc.com/profile/HitBTC_SupportTeam)

I sent two deposits on January 22, 2018 from my binance account to here. Neither have shown up but are show as sent in the blockchain and in my binance account.

The first deposit was at Jan-22-2018 03:02:30 AM +UTC for the amount of 103 TRX
txid : 0xffc5e295a53eab0a07e203843627708cf5f3749243b4e6c5116875f0d1cfdbdf

The second deposit was at Jan-22-2018 03:08:48 AM +UTC for the amount of 82,178.681 TRX
txid: 0x9efdf93bcd31efb92ae9dddfbcf040ad9613c9db7795cb2337b70e754585d999

Both show up on the block chain as sent but neither are in my account here at hitbtc.com

Please rectify the problem so I may receive my TRX coins.



Updated response from On March 4, 2018 8:51 PM, Eugene Moura (HitBTC) wrote:

Eugene Moura (HitBTC)

Mar 5, 04:51 WET
Dear Trader,

Please, accept our deepest apologies for such a delay with replying.

We assure you that your money will be refunded as soon as possible. Deposit is being credited to your account within 2 months from the date of this reply

Thank you for your patience.

Eugene Moura
HitBTC Support Team

I'm not waiting 2 more months! I've already waited since January.
I want my Tron Tokens deposited immediately. Getting the feeling I'm getting ripped off here.
Next stop is Reddit where I will post all conversations till I receive my funds
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