Lost BCH, FOUND, BUT HitBTC will Not Give to Me.

edited March 16 in BTC, BCH, USDT
over 3 months ago i sent bch to a btc address. i know that is my fault but they replied on the automated help that it was found and would be in my account in 2 months . it is amazing to me how much fees we pay this exchange and they dont even have real people replying to the help requests. i just want my funds back which were found so that i can trade again. its amazing to me that it hasnt been addressed and instead just ignored. they tell me it is will be in my account but it never shows up. getting very frustrating.

my ticket number is ID #21214 hash is : dfc1b2846954a77420bab87be84e7a1c0ef0dcdd651c142cf6b1045566514184


  • @hitbtc_customer_wM0 @HitBTC_Support_Team have you guys made any progress in returning my coins? seems like they have been in this queue for a very long time now. do you actually plan on returning them? thanks.
  • @HitBTC_Support_Team @hitbtc_customer_fKah @HitBTC_Team @hitbt815406 i really want to stop bothering you guys as i know you are busy with other issues. can you please refund my money. i know that it is in a queue as you say but it has been way past the two months that you asked me to wait. What is status?
  • @HitBTC_Support_Team will most likely contact brett redfearn who i know and is looking for these type of stories. when you are hidden like this it is easy to ingore people and their requests. please return my funds. i beg of you. i will move all my assets back to this platform. i just want that money back. thanks so much.
  • @HitBTC_Support_Team stilll waiting for my bitcoin cash. been over 3 months. i would greatly appreciate it if you guys could give me my money. thanks.

    deposited bitcoin cash to a bitcoin address. please help @HitBTC_Support_Team . i realize it is my fault but i was hoping you could help me out.

    hash is: dfc1b2846954a77420bab87be84e7a1c0ef0dcdd651c142cf6b1045566514184
  • i will give u guys half of the money if you return it
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