Withdrawal Fees Error - Request for Help

Dear HitBTC

I brought HDG (Hedge) from your exchange on 27th January as a trade from ETH.

I did not withdraw these from your exchange due to an incorrect withdrawal fee.

On 22nd February I was sent an email by HDG Team requesting I withdraw all HGB from any exchange. They are doing a temporary Token Freeze & Exchange delisting.

I had withdraw HDG from HitBTC to a wallet, before this incorrect fee issue had been resolved.
Transaction ID: 31b94ebd-55d0-42dd-a77f-039eb5778cc8

I am writing with expectation of a refund, for my withdrawal fee to be in your advertised range.

You advertise your withdrawal fees as between 1%-0.1% range.

I paid a 9% fee of 7 HGD on a total of 80 HDG. At purchase HDG were $6.72 each. Resulting in a fee of $47.04!

I am happy to pay a fee, as you do a great job in providing this service.
However, I am unhappy to pay a 9% fee as it was unexpected & misleading.

I am happy to pay a 1% fee. I would accept USDT re-imbursement for $40.32, to enable this.

Please, if there anything you can do to resolve this issue?


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