SiaCoin Deposit Never Came


I deposited SiaCoin (SC) in the address that you gave, 278ed8959ac55ac452645282345254334e415820c60993dbde8b5b597a40733dbdebb90fb61a with transaction id(s)
bad5e600558108dc8afe963e1377d6994241ee3a1890410d57ee07cc78975137 and
6d1609c1874f43217f70d1d15f4afa996d5c55be66693d4737df02689061a89a but I cannot find it.


  • Me too. I Deposit SiaCoin. According to SiaExplorer everything is fine but it never got to my Wallet on HITBTC.
  • Same for me, it's ok for bittrex, ok for SIA explorer but nothing in my HitBTC wallet
  • same for me....
  • same here, I can see in the siacoin explorer it was confirmed days ago. But i can see my deposit. Could somebody help me?
  • same for me
  • same for me, txld: d58070568e2999f3c9250809ecf31f8e70fea52cd2d73f7bc9cd99b9d7a5d29b
  • me too.
    Address: b118545b19e50b6a88eb84462894fdc6bb4787d5ad04ad94e8247114b2f3783d4876faf24c1e
    TxId: 5dc8a31a1c03e7a27752c9adf5c252e35bf078b2e16ca7de2c84ec4bf64abd99

    Address: b118545b19e50b6a88eb84462894fdc6bb4787d5ad04ad94e8247114b2f3783d4876faf24c1e
    TxId: ae26d20c7b6cccbf9d09c51e7aba93230ac22650afd1ea91269a2fe1b6c6b36d
  • I am having the same issue... its been almost 2 days
  • The same problem.

    @HitBTC_Support_Team I need you to resolve this ASAP please.
  • same here from 5 days
  • same here from 4 days, what is wrong with hitbtc?
  • same here... But dont worry bittrex wallet is down too... This is a general problem... I think they will fix it in a few days...
  • Same here...ticket #115013....please put my SiaCoins deposit in my wallet.
    Wallet Address: 70fc40ec95af8dbf7a5144d5ffeef5cd3d99bb1697ed9cac91d33748fce01677e8212c7ea86c

    TxId: 0de365c08af46a2649387b0dc25b94416e5edeeae228c12d725a25624edab43d
  • The problem is on HITBTC side...
    I'm so not gonna use hitBTC anymore...
    Im gonna put it on youtube and social media.
    They gonna lose so much revenue
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    Same boat. No word from support. I just tweeted to them with hashtag #missingsia. Hoping something happens. Scary that all these based on just trust and no one can intervene. Guess I should have stayed with bittrex. Consequences of greediness?
  • Same here, this is completely not professional, if you look at other thread they have problem with TRX deposits too. We all need to stand up and make HitBTC accountable for our loses
  • I too never got my Siacoin deposit from Bittrex!

    Transaction ID: 128c81ea8cb98ff15d7df17eaf5151dbb7c9f1089f1e79733eb23b1b9cfc0953
    Output ID: 7472ee81fa5d97d674990808522baa9f18cbbba25e79cde397222a93964df43a
    Amount: 10,611.36 SC

    Block height #137893
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    hello hitbtc team please help, lot of people got this issue
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    Same here! I have sent my SiaCoins 1 month ago!!!
  • any one got a respond from support ?
  • Same issue! I sent a bug report and the QA team said they ware investigating, but isn't any update until now
  • The same answer. In investigating.... until Kim Jong Un fire a rocket to American.
  • Hi All,

    I just got reply from hitbtc. He said that they are fixing the problem now.

    Dear Trader,

    The issue you reported requires additional investigation.

    We have escalated the issue to our second-level support experts and flagged it as high priority.

    We will keep you posted on the progress.

    Paola Balzano
    HitBTC Support Team
  • Yes, I received the same email reply content.
  • I have the same issue. Multiple support tickets no response... Great way to run a financial operation!
  • Havent even taken a resposnse Ticket ID #115565
  • No response yet either for me :(
  • They got me too..SC deposit from bittrex to Hitbtc...I’ve gotten three auto responses but nothing from a real person...this trader that lost SC deposit on the same day I lost mine (12/30/17) said he got this response this morning..

    Jan 5, 16:36 WET

    Dear Trader,
    Thank you for reaching out!

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    SC is on temporary maintenace at the moment. Currently your deposit isn't displayed on your balance. But it will staight as soon as maintenance is finished. Maintenance will take up to two days.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Eugene Moura
    HitBTC Support Team
  • Well it's good to have been given a time frame. Thanks for sharing @beachcrypto. I was worried it was just a me problem.
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