Sent BTC to BCH Account December 18 - NO RESPONSE TO DATE - Experience with this?

I made the error (yes, it was a noob error and I was brand new to this) of sending BTC from a Coinbase Account to a BCH Account here at HitBTC. This was on December 20, 2017. Despite several messages to Support, I am receiving no response. I would sincerely appreciate a response, and, per the Support page's direction, assistance in recovering my funds.

The Support webpage explicitly provides that the currency is recoverable:

Has anyone else had this issue? Has Support been responsive to other folks' requests? The worst part of it is I have continued using this exchange to trade.

Thanks everyone.


  • I'm pretty sure your money is gone. Not many exchanges help with cross-chain recovery.
  • HitBTC's policy states otherwise, as linked above. I have also searched through the logs of discussions in Support and found several cross-chain recoveries. My ticket number is #96400. Please advise @HitBTC_Support_Team.
  • Dear @HitBTC_Support_Team @Support_Team, any update on this? I have been waiting for almost 3 months. Thank you.
  • @HitBTC_Support_Team
    Can you check ticket 85808, it have been over 2 months and my coins haven't been recovered even after repeatedly contacting you guys. You guys want me to follow policies but you wont follow your own policies.
    Can you give me an update ? I am waiting for the last day tomorrow before I start posting this everywhere. This is no where near acceptable.
    All I hear from you guys is (Our engineers are working on) but there is no sign of progress. Please resolve this.
  • Withdrawal is pending for ages Kindly check these tickets
    My XEM withdrawal is not processed by @hitbtc
    Showing oldest on system health @HitBTC_Support_Team
  • @HitBTC_Support_Team @HitBTC_Team @hitbtc

    Please provide a status update as to my ticket number #96400. This has been outstanding since December. This is completely unacceptable.

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  • i had the same issue. they told me that my money has been located and will be deposited in my account within 2 months. that was almost 4 months ago. i am still waiting. it is incredibly dissapointing to pay these fees to hitbtc for trading and to see such a lack of effort on their part in returning this money. it is incredibly frustrating. i only have 1k in my account here now and am waiting until i get my money back before i start to really use it again and deposit.
  • its almost criminal when you read all of these complaints.
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