HitBTC has ridiculous fees to withdraw different coins/USDT, and doesn't trade coin fractions (TRX)

I am shocked at the fees HitBTC charges to withdraw different coins and how drastically they vary by the type of withdrawal. Also the fact that TRX can only be traded in buckets evenly divisible by 1000 is ridiculous.... someone could be stuck with 300 extra TRX and have to pay of fee of 240 just to withdraw that coin (over $40)... but if they transfer to USDT and try to withdraw that instead, the flat fee is $100!

Only makes sense for high volume trading with this fee structure... which you guys should definitely be more upfront about. Definitely shady business practice.


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    @Anu_Ba_Yan oh wow, good to know... so maybe letting things sit hit for a bit and hoping fees/mins will change is the way to go. Hard to say.... makes me just want to exit this exchange asap, and happy I didn't move anything much here.

    But right now man TRX is only about $0.17 so closer to $40 withdrawal fee.
  • Binance is the same way.. .high withdrawal fees.
  • i am also stuck here with 595 trons, wtf what am I suppose to do now?? Can even trade it as it would leave me with 95trons, what a joke this exchange is
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    only option is swing trading to get another 5 and fcuk off from here
    noo cannot need 1000 to be able to sell this is sickening!!
  • Absurd fees at hitbtc. paid $120 on $400 worth of coins. Crazy.
  • @flic he actually found a way around these fees hit him up
  • @flic how did you find a way around this?
  • @tonyberkman are you kidding me? God I hope so. So even if they decide to credit my account with the SC I deposited, it is looking like I will never get it back out of this nightmare.
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    The withdrawal fee for COSS is 65 COSS!!!!???? That is unbelievably insane. The average trader is not putting in thousands of dollars, and if they don't notice this fee on the website they will most likely lose all of their money. If I'm lucky enough to see a return above this unfair fee I'm out and doing everything I can to tell people to STAY AWAY!!!!!!
  • Before allowing someone to execute a trade on your exchange (I bought 200 TRX for the hell of it), HitBTC should make certain traders know the withdrawal fee (in my case 270 TRX). This is extremely shady. Once (if) I ever get my TRX out of this shadefest, I most certainly will not return.
  • What a ripoff. Back in November I purchased around $300 worth of various coins spread out across the spectrum. I did this without realizing these crazy fees were going on. So now the fees to withdrawal are now higher than the amount of coin I have in various accounts. I guess I'll have to chalk it up to a being a newb. But HitBTC will get no more of my money. "Bring on the Decentralized Exchanges!!!"
  • I just bought 450 LAToken coin at $.70 at HitBTC and it cost $28.00 to withdraw these coins to my wallet. What a rip-off. ALWAYS choose another exchange if you can.
  • Now 52 days
    Tickets #185469 @HitBTC_Support_Team Please check manually & Solve my deposit waves as soon possible @HitBTC_Team(don't use bot reply)

    Tx hash
  • Ridiculous fees. I can't wait for decentralized exchanges which will hopefully put an end to these expensive junk exchanges.
  • For a withdrawal of 620 VEN HitBTC was going to charge me 14 VEN flat fee just now - that's USD 100 !!!
    Are you kidding me? What's that? Totally not acceptable and I will avoid this exchange in future whenever I can!
  • 335 OPT withdrawal fee! Wtf!!
  • Hellooo admin I deposit TRX (TRON) of (Jan-19-2018 08:10:33 AM +UTC)
    not yet received Ticket ID #216635.
    I have long waited till when we should wait again I was tired of waiting please do not make me go crazy for waiting too long. Please finish my deposit quickly thanks

    Txid : 0xeaea5af419f553b757d8c70cd9dc96f0a7b16aa04781432c23caef2011240e91
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    $161.00 USD to withdraw PLR (Pillar), this is gouging the customer. The Bible speaks about having just weights and measures and the judgment that is to come after death for those who do not use them correctly.

    Mark my words, 114 Pillar (PLR) or 114 x $1.80 equals $205.08 just to withdraw your Pillar tokens!!!!! This is akin to getting robbed in your own bedroom while you are asleep.

  • Not only will I NEVER, EVER use SHitBTC again, I am going on a social media campaign (like nobody's business) to spread the word and warn others about the their thieving policies and unjust fees.

    You thieves have robbed thousands of GOOD folks here ... don't think that your business will survive and thrive because - THE WORD IS OUT ON YOU BANDITS!!!!!!!
  • I bought OMG today and found out that the fee was 2 OMG (about $30 today's rate). I just can't believe it. If they want to conduct decent business, they need to implement more reasonable withdraw fees for their clients.
  • Bump the scam that is hitbtc
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    I have to imagine this is a bug. To withdrawal PLR they want 114 PLR flat fee and for PRO they want 41 PRO flat fee. Fees aren't nearly as crazy with ETH withdrawal. Hope they fix this soon otherwise the exchange is dead. Obviously dead to all of us atm.
  • is our only options to take a massive hit due to fees or to sit on it and wait, in hopes of something changing... im done with HitBTC.
  • i regret putting my coins here i needed to change some coins into XMR under $50 now i cant fucking withdraw because the fees are too high!!!!! what a scam!!
  • 574 CND for withdrawal fee, that leaves 15 CND for myself. Bye, bye HitBTC, this was the first an the last time....
  • Yeah i bought 50 BAR and ShitBTC wanted to charge me 25.97BAR to withdraw, also you always seem to be left with an amount of BTC or ETH that you can never spend cos they wont let you purchase unless its divisible by 1Mln
  • The fees are f***ing insane, I am never gonna trade on this exchange again!
  • There's no technical justification for charging a ~$20 fee to index a new userid into your database. By doing so HitBTC are hurting the community by keeping the cost of trading EOS higher than necessary.

    A suggestion for handling fee's would be to do so dynamically so the coin's volatility is not punishing the user.

    ex: If HitBTC needs $2 per withdrawal, have the fee calculated dynamically based on the current price of the coin at the transaction time. Or just make the fee a flat fiat charge of $2 USD regardless of coin/token which can be converted into the tokens currency if fiat is not available.

    A flat crypto fee that is never updated with the value of the currency over time is the problem here. Many here expect great things from EOS in the future and if it meets those expectations and eclipses ETH or BTC in value? Are we supposed to look back and remember the day we spent thousands of dollars to create an arbitrary ERC20 deposit address in an exchange fondly?
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