ERC-20 Token Transfer Failed to complete, check with sender for more information.

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On systems shows as still pending but after 3 days have some info on

TxReceipt Status:Fail

Block Height:4874563 (1498 block confirmations)
TimeStamp:6 hrs 42 mins ago (Jan-08-2018 12:53:25 PM +UTC)


To:Contract 0x3597bfd533a99c9aa083587b074434e61eb0a258 (DentToken)

Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Bad jump destination]
ERC-20 Token Transfer Failed to complete, check with sender for more information.

Value: 0
Ether ($0.00)
Gas Limit: 104770
Gas Used By Txn: 104770
Gas Price: 0.000000023 Ether (23 Gwei)
Actual Tx Cost/Fee: 0.00240971 Ether ($2.75)
Cumulative Gas Used: 1271633
Nonce: 2995

@HitBTC_Support_Team were are my tokens? resend or refund them please.


  • Same issiue
    txhash : 0x35bf605a54009755ffea1cb22c52b14264f41b32840ce9b23696cf0cd68689b7
  • Same issiue
    Operation ID: 5530fad6-2d2e-4722-b08f-073a2dad1f93
    Date Created (+09): 05/01/2018, 12:35:25
    Date Updated (+09): 05/01/2018, 12:35:25
  • same here. Fail
  • Guys how did you solve that? Same problem today
  • Still waiting for reply
  • Likewise, also encountering the same problem.
    Tx Hash: 0x802ad26a7174147f3a8fae5c606916c0b944e320845777f01df7580881582618
  • Same here, happened a few times now
  • i cant get my ledger nano s to send lat tokens to deposit this is what i getTxHash:0xf5cd3b7acb1b72785200637b1f1fef328ad08eca9fce129a0653a5ac69932e82 TxReceipt Status:FailBlock Height:5103710 (1552 block confirmations)TimeStamp:6 h
    Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Out of gas]
    The ERC-20 Token Transfer might have Failed (ErrCode: unable to locate corresponding Transfer event log), check with sender. i have pleanmty of ether and had gas set at 300000 any help im new
  • @gbattesimo @whoeveruwant your issue has already been resolved.

    @xyrthyra We have forwarded your request to our team, so you'll receive our reply soon. Please forgive us for that delay you've experienced.

    @freebliss0325 This transaction was canceled and these funds are back on your account.

    @garymorris5464 @kingkurt provide us with your support ticket numbers, please.
  • Withdrawal is pending from 7 march 2018 Kindly check these tickets
    My XEM withdrawal is not processed by @hitbtc
    Showing oldest on system health @HitBTC_Support_Team
  • e199076d-076b-4ba8-bd5f-15def867463f. same problem

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  • Hello. Can you please check this txid: baf22127-d2b8-4841-b4e6-05c144732eed, this is the hash: 0x07f7c125005f51101232661b81dad85a89aba8e2c9b72316d0485cf265c820b7, My withdrawal is out of gas. Please resend it or refund it to me.
  • @HitBTC_Support_Team were are my tokens? resend or refund them please. txid 0x652dd61ffbd02f847e553740156790ae6aa27580d457312a37d62a1e0534187e
  • ticket #256038 opened 5 days ago no feedback problem not solved!wtf???
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