PRE is not PRESEARCH!!! WTF!!!???

I just bought PRE thinking it was PRESEARCH, because logically when I typed in PRE into Coin Market Cap it comes up as PRESEARCH!!

So I just find out this is some shitty coin call PREMINE!! WTF HitBTC!???


I just wasted 0.1 BTC on this crap!!



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    I want the money + fees back that I paid for this bullshit! I have recorded what has happened.

    This is not even funny. How can such a mistake even happen? You just keep listing coins without deleting inactive ones. You named Presearch PRS instead of PRE like on!
    I want to get my money + fees back (you can take a look at my tx history) right now!
  • I have the same problem. I can not sell them. and I saw a lot of traders bought this shit.
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    Hitbtc you should resolve this problem right now . This shit coin have 177.6279 BTC volume and we can not sell them ....
  • I ve the same issue. how could we sell it ? This is really unacceptable.
  • me sumo al problema falta de etica de parte de hit una moneda asi no deberia estar listada
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    HITBTC манипуляции с названием коина (PRE), это заведомый обман трейдеров. Продавец выстроил огромную стену на 100 сатош. Что дальше будет с данной монетой? Вы ее удалите из листинга и все закончится? Это мошенничество.
  • What a massive screw up by HITBTC! The exchange's reputation is on the line. This needs to be sorted out before it goes viral. Lots of clients are soooooo unhappy. Awaiting official comments.
  • @HitBTC_Support_Team
    Please, ticket #166472
    Currency operations not available
  • Yep fell for it also, another thread a guy said he got his coins back after 6 or so day. why the f*ck is it still listed. as if i needed more reasons not to like hitbtc.
  • Jesus what a damn disaster. Bought in like a fool not realizing it's the wrong token. Opened a support ticket, but with hitbtc's track record, I'm not hopeful.
  • Im furious! I fell for the trap too by the misleading sticker name. Is there any way we will receive our funds back?
  • It doesn't matter that you did wrong transaction. You are never getting your money out of this exchange anyways.
  • HitBTC needs to resolve this issue of PRE, let us know when we can sell or get a refund, if not your bad news will be all over the net. Thank you
  • i have the same issiue hitbtc have to solved refund everybody or change the name like it has to be
  • I have the same problem in HITBTC, please we need a solution !
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    In recent days there has been an unusually high amount of trading of Premine (PRE) token
    on HitBTC. Given the progress in recent weeks that the Ledger Power Foundation has made
    to restore value-utility to all tokens offered under the Monkey project, it is possible there
    may be rational cause for such trading.
    We are not however at a point yet where we feel disclosure of the project’s plans would be
    beneficial or necessary. We advise therefore that holders of PRE act in their best judgement
    as to the purchase or sale of this asset in the coming weeks while the Ledger Power
    Foundation is formed and while we continue to proceed with the exciting plans we have
    undertaken so far.
    We very much look forward to updating you in the next few weeks as to the general
    progress of the project.
    Yours Sincerely

    This message was sent from Craig Vallis
    President, Ledger Power Foundation

    (I am not Craig ps)
  • @travis444 whats is Ledger Power Foundation? its the monkey project pre_? where u find that information-?
  • I don't what exactly the Ledger Power Foundation is but I do know it is related to Monkey Capital (M0nk3y) who have made the token premine. .
    i found that information through messaging Craig he had posted it on the ledger power telegram.
  • I have the same problem in HITBTC, we can not BUY please we need a solution !!!!!!!!!!!
  • any new about pre, i had lose my investment :( i need to recover my money for buy another coin, help us
  • if ı were you ı should have thinking why pre is not delisted think about that:) it will go up soon
  • monkey exchange will back soon so pre will go up
  • @Crazy Driver why u think pre will go up? any new?
  • Same mistake here.. not cool... HitBTC, please help us who were innocently caught out by thie "scam"...
  • @flic here are more people that bought Pre thinking it was Presearch. Have fun little guy.
  • @travis444 if it wasn't dead, wouldn't we have the option to sell? Even if it's not dead we need to have the option to hodl or sell. @HitBTC_Support_Team please help fix this.
  • if you want to sell your pre go to choose coins other. and put that shit number 0x30765406d51091Ed78ff13C107731Daf3Be5EF16 name is pre or premine decimal 18 and you ready to go to sell it. but its very cheap there.
  • Dear HitBTC!
    Since you delisted PRE, please just refund our BTC back because there no exchange with PRE! If you are a legal exchange, you have to protect traders by not listing scam coins. It's all HitBTC's responsibility!
  • @Crazy Driver are there 2 different Crazy Driver accounts on here?
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