@hitbtc_support The Support 48hr challenge! Ticket#146735

Dearest support -

I present to HitBTC a challenge, to fix my problem within the next 48hrs. If you look at my account, you will see I transferred half my $$ off your site yesterday (LTC 10min). If you can get my ETH deposited within 48hr, you will have restored a small bit of confidence to use your site, and I will use my deposited funds to continue using your site. If this is not accomplished, well, all confidence in this site and customer support will be lost, unless you throw in some additional amount as compensation for the losses I have taken by not being able to invest with said deposit since 1/4/18, and I will be sure to transfer the remainder of all funds (if I ever receive them) off this site.

Ticket# 146735



TxReceipt Status:


Block Height:

4859739 (10406 block confirmations)

@HitBTC_Support_Team @HitBTC_Support @HitBTC_Team

Much appreciated

P.S. My "Account" page doesn't load. 500 error message.


  • @HitBTC_Support_Team
    Please, ticket #166472
    Currency operations not available
  • Damn, I thought you guys would be able to pull it off and make Xmas happen early in the year. But no, 48hrs and then some have passed. And no deposit in my ETH account.
  • Hey assholes at HITBTC. Pull your heads out of your ass and start providing customer support. Give us all some real/continual updates on your problems. Communication, even if not a total fix is better than nothing. @HitBTC_Support_Team @HitBTC_Team @HitBTC_SupportTeam @hitbtc_assholes
  • Ethereum withdrawal stuck and tx hash shows nothing. Please return the ethereum to my account or push tx through.
    ID: 3c3843bd-0510-4194-9b26-17e9e8ddd8c0
    Hash: cf816be63334295cbe071920e28320dab77b225a4936f0b11ae2a043287375a5

    You can return the eth to my account or push through. I just can't afford to lose this I like hitbtc ... Please help me
  • @Twopencecoin I agree. Anything would be better than them just ignoring us all.
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