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Accidentally hit the "Transfer" button

Hi HitBTC Support,

Good day. I've been waiting for 3 weeks about my problem sending my Eth token to my SNC wallet.
I Accidentally hit the "Transfer" button when I am supposed to send my Eth to my SNC walet both wallets in HitBTC.

The token is not visible to SNC wallet. But when I navigate to it can see like this:

So it was just transferred to another Eth wallet. I hope you can help me let my tokens be visible to Eth or SNC so that I can use the money for trading. Please...

I hope hoping for your very kind response. God bless and more power.



  • Dear Genevieve,
    Please accept our apologies for such a delay in response here. As far as we know this issue was already resolved and funds have been credited to your account. Don't hesitate to contact us in case we can be of any other assistance.
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