Querying trading history through API 2 results in HTTP Error 502 - Bad Gateway

Since 4:47PM on the 11th of January 2018 GMT, attempting to query the trading history through the API via /api/2/history/trades results in the HTTP Error 502 - Bad Gateway. Before this time, querying the API worked fine with minimal errors. Now I cannot get it work at all.


  • Please fix this soon HitBTC. I already lost $1000 from not being able to sell my Ether currently stuck in withdrawal and the api being broken has already cost me $5k in losses and another $6k in lost profits. That's a total loss of $12k in 12 hours. :/
  • Hi HitBTC, upon further investigation is appears that my issue is a result of possible data corruption on my end. I will let your know in a few days if that is the case.
  • edited January 15
    Hi HitBTC, I found the solution. My program was inputting invalid ISO8601 timestamps. Not sure how that happened as I didn't change anything.
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