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After 7 days my ETH deposit is still not credited to my account

Eight days ago just before the problems started here at hitbtc I made a deposit in ETH. It went from my account in exchange Bitstamp to deposit address here at hitbtc. I opened a ticket with support department explaining to them that the ETH deposit address automatically - by itself changed minutes after the deposit was send to my previous address. Etherscan was showing the transaction was completed in couple of hours and the ETH arrived on hitbtc the same day - 8 days ago. They are still not in my account.
Support team ( Eugene ) kindly solved my other problem with HVN witdrawal very fast. But with this ETH deposit we still have a problem. I also received an email from Paola from support team, explaining that my problem went to second level solving, marked as high priority.
Eight days later I still do not have my 2.something ETH. Nevermind I was trying to buy more HVN at that point , nowdays I would have doubled my ETH.
Anybody else with similar problem?


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