"Dear traders, we are implementing several major updates in our service.

All deposits and withdrawals will be put on hold for 60 minutes. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused."

Let's watch for the resolution of all pending Deposits and Withdrawals after that maintenance.....


  • On the top of my Account Page as of 12.23pm CET January 12th
  • "Currency operations not available"

    You can't punish me twice for your error.
    Once taking all AMM that I bought BEFORE hack.

    And now not allowing me to withdraw what I earned AFTER AMM issue.

    Ticket #166472
  • edited January 12
    pathetic...looking to liquidate the F outta here. Figure I'll have to write off 15,000 VIBE which was worth $100,000 when I attempted to transfer to Binance. Dwindling away to nothing. 3 Days of limbo
  • hi there.....same issue till 12:30
  • anyone seeing improvements on Deposit or Withdrawals?
  • "Currency operations not available"

    You can't punish me twice for your error.
    Once taking all AMM that I bought BEFORE hack.

    And now not allowing me to withdraw what I earned AFTER AMM issue.

    Ticket #166472
  • Anybody can't withdraw VIBE coin or allcoin? I had to wait my VIBE coin for 6 hours. This is a nightmare for me. I don't know when they finish update, anyone know?
  • RoxRox
    edited January 12
    @cmoney, your dumb post makes no fucking sense at all. Punish you? What kind of poor me sniveling wiener posts something like this? You are not being "punished". They are simply fucking you like everyone else and you are nothing special. Come up with something new.
  • By the way. Everyone who is posting about how all they want to do is leave hitbtc are not helping themselves one bit. Why would they give a shit if all we are gonna do is haul ass? When dealing with con artists one must keep them thinking they have something to gain by continuing on.
  • Изъятие peercoin длится более 3 дней Полный ID 414ab558-3c7c-42e7-a318-7fa1bf0391b4 прошу ускорить . За ранее благодарен
  • This guy doesn't even look like a member of the team lol
  • LTC is not credited on Deposit.
    Sent LTC with binance on hitbtc, I want to transfer some funds to work with this exchange, but my translation is already 20 hours. Ticket ID #184701 help, what's the problem, the support wrote, the answer is no. If the Deposit can not accept or is there some temporary problem, please return the Deposit back, the wallet address LfRRyFNupiaUbNKXTL3MBsWjhNzd3K8Kdt , I would not want to tools hung idle
  • Nikolai "the support wrote"?? really you got a reply from the support?
  • "Currency operations not available"

    Please sir, can you kindly take a look at my ticket?


    Ticket #166472
  • @Rox, you are so wrong I don't even know where to begin.

    All I can say is BE HAPPY!
  • RoxRox
    edited January 13
    @cmoney Begin by laying off the silly posts for awhile. Real simple. You told them your issue, not stfu for awhile and see what happens. Spamming every fuking thread is not going to help you one bit and is inconsiderate of other posters.
  • @Rox you take a lot of time trying to dismiss anyone from telling people that HitBtc is not processing support tickets, allowing withdraws, solving problems.

    It looks like HitBtc personal should be processing tickets and not, as you are, trying to convince people to not complain or insist in what they think is fair.

    You joined here at January 5, and almost all your post are of this kind.

    How much they pay you for this job?
  • edited January 14
    @cmoney does seem suspicious, doesn't it?
  • @AKpolarbeartamer very suspicious.

    I believe hitBtc should spen their (our) money at support guys, not this @Rox kind of guy.

    Weel, I think @Rox just need some work, poor guy, and the fault is on HitBtc not answering support tickets.
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