Etherium With Drawl is till pending since 18 hours

Address: 0x1d3f98b633c788e63373c68910a62810714ab855

Transaction hash: 25f0ebf9b71affd66a364074b067bcefc31da5cf87af5ce3d5de64ebacb388f1
(It may be changed before the transaction is confirmed)

Operation ID: 845ac39e-38f7-4751-92ba-bfd55d281c1d
Date Created (-06): 11/01/2018, 21:59:10
Date Updated (-06): 11/01/2018, 21:59:10


  • same. they put a tiny amount of gas for some reason, even though we are still charged the .01 eth withdrawl fee. makes tx stuck on the network. there's 965 others with the same problem.
  • I have the same issue.

    Address: 0x282a21237e5ae06fbd93f32c060417398fc3be33

    Transaction hash: 044ccd7c8e24c007bb51a76fd6d69d9a3d41d735f40ea19a36e28b2aa16503e6
    (It may be changed before the transaction is confirmed)

    Operation ID: 16875069-8506-4ff5-9673-461518a5b838
    Date Created (+10): 11/01/2018, 14:17:04
    Date Updated (+10): 11/01/2018, 14:17:04
  • Ethereum withdrawal stuck and tx hash shows nothing. Please return the ethereum to my account or push tx through.
    ID: 3c3843bd-0510-4194-9b26-17e9e8ddd8c0
    Hash: cf816be63334295cbe071920e28320dab77b225a4936f0b11ae2a043287375a5

    You can return the eth to my account or push through. I just can't afford to lose this I like hitbtc ... Please help me
  • For me it's been more than 30 hours already...
  • Say bye to your money
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