My vibe withdraw pending 3days :(

Please help me :((


  • My XEM withdraw aslo pending for 2 days T.T
    What the hell they doing
  • Hey man. I'm in same boat. I trust HitBtc, i know their intention is not scamming. We have to wait little more. :(
    Do you have Telegram?
  • "Currency operations not available"

    Please sir, can you kindly take a look at my ticket?


    Ticket #166472
  • ID #186842.tell me where you can watch the transaction, which Txid: long time she is paid a big Commission, I expect that will go quickly. Transaction hash 0x3d525bca0d8d0dea9a7c02b55389e87976c3ca514127c7f4537e51df00e0304c
  • 4 days 15,000 VIBE

    Thank you for contacting HitBTC Support!

    Your ticket has been registered with the Ticket ID #175596.

    Please note that the majority of requests require research to resolve, and it can sometimes take us up to 48 hours to respond, though we make every effort to get back to you as quickly as possible and most queries are answered within 24 hours.
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