AEON withdrawal pending since 12 hours, a new one is also pending since an hour

I have a ticket since 12 hours ago, could you please take a look?


  • Could you at least say if you are looking into it or not??
  • Im willing to bbet the coins we are trying to withdrawl dont exist
  • Still waiting, support, 36 hours, are you serious?
  • I'm checking all posts related to AEON and cannot feel the pain of others, but situation is not cool. Provide status updates please (HITBTC-support)
  • Situation calls for weekend warrior support HITBTC, come-on.
  • I created the ticket around noon Friday Europe time, so they had time to reply during week working hours/
  • I received a follow up email from HITBTC (Paola Balazano) Support team, -issue has been escalated to second-level support experts and flagged as high priority and will keep posted on the progress. Looking forward to the resolution and continue to trade.
  • i loss 10% instant of 50% profit and support is silent completely because withdraw stuck
  • Still waiting, 3 days and counting...
  • right now i just received first aeon transaction withdraw in my wallet since 2017-10-06, 22:18:35 but done finally, iam waiting to see my other 2 transaction happy ending
  • Don't see any tx for me...
  • my other aoen withdraw`s not received yet
  • They only work from Mon - Fri, 0900 - 1700 GMT. They don't care about the assets loose due to their fault, they need have dinner, sleep and watch movie after work. But we are still contribute money to them.
  • Still waiting...
  • still waiting
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    HitBtc support, if the post is closed before the problem truly solved, it will let the end users open new posts for the same or similar issue again. And it will increase the number of posts. I recommend you don't close it until it is really solved.
  • Dear Traders!

    Unfortunately, AEON withdrawals took more time than expected. Our engineers are aware of the situation and they are already working on implementing necessary updates. Be assured that soon everything will be fixed and running even better than before. All your transaction will come through. Thank you for your patience.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused, we know how that feels. We feel sorry you had to face such an unpleasant experience and we will do everything to not something like this happen again.
  • Got response from Support, but I did not received the last paragraph. Frankly, no one knows how anyone's feeling at this point.
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    I loose to much good trading time spot due to this pending. It made me loose a lot of money already. How did I feel? Very bad.

    My withdrawals are still pending (over 5 days already) now. I have almost lost all my patience. If you have waited 5 days withdrawal pending, how do you feel?
  • i got 2th withdraw in my wallet and i am waiting for 3th, i also dont receive any aeon deposit from 2 days,
    i think dont worry much about aeon it will come, but slow
    and i hope it will touch 0.00060 again in about 10 days,
    remember if you like to transfer aeon in or out of hitbtc it will take more than usual

    i must say finally i received a little proper response from support that sure me some one there, and there is no mention of they sorry about my losses for this technical issue :

    Unfortunately, AEON withdrawals took more time than expected. Our engineers are aware of the situation and they are already working on it. Soon everything will be fixed and your transaction will come through. Thank you for your patience and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  • Everyone, I finally received my AEON deposit to trex this morning. Rest assure, it's a matter of time , you will eventually receive yours. Happy trading.
  • every thing about aeon seems normal now
  • soon eh? still waiting as I'm sure many are...
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