aeon withdraw stuck 4 day and support no response any word

i try aeon withdraw but it stuck 4 day ,no transfer and not return to my account too just yellow dots
i try several time but support no response any word and no reply at all


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    i loss 10% until now when i can profit 50% because of this issue and hitbtc even not bother him to any response
  • right now i just received first aeon transaction withdraw in my wallet since 2017-10-06, 22:18:35 but done finally, iam waiting to see my other 2 transaction happy ending
  • same boat, waiting for transaction Hash, but none so far other than part of Payment History. Where did it go? Still in the queues somewhere at HITBTC system?
  • still waiting, some experience.
  • i got a short response in support that say problem solved, short response better than nothing, but i just received just one of 3 transaction, and i must say problem not solved, i hope problem will solve.

    Eugene Moura
    11 hours ago
    Dear Trader,

    The transaction has been successfully processed, and the coins should have reached your other wallet.

    Eugene Moura
    HitBTC Support team
  • yes, they said solved. I don't know what does "solved" mean.
  • i got 2th withdraw in my wallet and i am waiting for 3th, i also dont receive any aeon deposit from 2 days,
    i think dont worry much about aeon it will come, but slow
    and i hope it will touch 0.00060 again in about 10 days,
    remember if you like to transfer aeon in or out of hitbtc it will take more than usual

    i must say finally i received a little proper response from support that sure me some one there, and there is no mention of they sorry about my losses for this technical issue :

    Unfortunately, AEON withdrawals took more time than expected. Our engineers are aware of the situation and they are already working on it. Soon everything will be fixed and your transaction will come through. Thank you for your patience and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  • still waiting
  • still waiting.
  • my aeon deposit back to normally
  • My AEON withdrawal timestamp ends today. I hope for success delivery.
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    my aeon coin two withdrawals are still in pending status until now. over 5 days

    2017-10-06, 11:58:59 withdrawal submitted
    [HitBTC] #32857
    Current status: still pending

    2017-10-05, 11:52:52 withdrawal submitted
    [HitBTC] #32398
    Current status: still pending
  • one of 3 withdraw of mine not reach yet but i think it will , i just away withdraw aeon from hitbtc until problem solve
  • I will add to this thread. I also am at 30 hours and still have a pending withdrawal. I honestly don't think there's any "problem the engineers are working on". HitBTC is playing around here with something only they know about and using the excuse that engineers are working on things. The idea that you can easily buy AEON on their exchange with absolutely zero problems but can't withdraw it in the same manner says everything you need to know. Unprofessional at best, completely immoral at worst. Not impressed at all.
  • I might add one more thing. I tested withdrawing 1 AEON prior to doing my bigger withdraw. Funny, when I withdrew 1 AEON, the TX went thru telling me the pathway from a technical standpoint is working just fine, if it weren't the TX wouldn't have gone thru. Then I tried the bigger withdraw and now stuck in this pending TX black hole with HitBTC. This is a liquidity problem plain and simple so proceed knowing this and try avoiding getting duped into believing it's a problem being worked on by engineers, that's a lie.
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    Me too. Before I withdraw a large amount of Aeon coins, I tested 1 Aeon coin. No withdrawal problem at all. When I withdraw a large amount Aeon coins, it was in pending status over 5 days. In other words, HitBtc don't allow big amount of withdrawal no matter it's their system issue or people's issue. If it is system issue, why this system has withdrawal limitation? If the system has limitation, changing the limitation setting is simple. I couldn't understand what kind of problems hitbtc engineers need a few days to work on? It is what it is. The core of the technical design is the wallet, if the wallet has no problem it's very hard to have problem because exchange deposit/withdrawal dashboard just act as a interface only (The one Aeon coin successful withdrawal test is the evidence the interface between exchange to the wallet has no problem). The same wallet released by Aeon Dev has been used by Bittrex exchange without any deposit/withdrawal problems at all. So it's not hard to doubt either HitBtc is hiding somethings or HitBtc engineers are unprofessional. No matter which way, HitBtc is not professional at all. In addition to these possibilities, any possibilities you can be aware of? I don't have.

    I was not trying to suspect HitBtc, however, what they did and how they are trying to solve this pending issues really allow me to have a deep suspicion to them.
  • ticket 33609 still unresolved with nothing but automated emails replying that offer nothing in the way of help.
  • my 3th withdraw now see in bittrex deposit pending and its done
    however i try to avoid deposit more than 0.1 btc and trade here until hitbtc earn his credit again
  • damoon223 - great, how many AEONs you made per transaction if you don't mind? Will 1 AEON take 3-7 days pending period?
  • still waiting too... :(
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    Dear Traders!

    We define seeing the funds stuck as an unpleasant experience, and we know how that feels. In this situation you would probably like to know, who's on your side. That's us. And we are working on eliminating of this issue.

    Soon all transactions will come through and the funds will display on your accounts, as always.

    Please accept our apologies for such an inconvenience caused, we will do everything possible to not let something like this happen again.
  • Everyone, I finally received my AEON deposit to trex this morning. Rest assure, it's a matter of time , you will eventually receive yours. Happy trading.
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    1th = 8 aeon
    2th = 518
    3th = 730
    all withdraw are done
    every thing seems normal now
  • glad to see some are getting their coin...not me though...pretty soured on the shitty support and think if the coin ever does show I will flip it to btc and transfer it off to another exchange. Heard good things about binance
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