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Help me disabling 2FA

Recently, I had to reset my phone, and I lost the tokens of hitbtc which were stored in the Authy app in my cell phone. Now I´m not able to do the 2FA. In order to do it, I'd need the code of my hitbtc account or remove the 2FA, so I can add it to my Authy app.

I had to open a new account just to be able to contact you in this forum, because via email i haven´t got any response yet, and it´s been like 5 days. I know how busy you are.

My account is

I hope to hear from you soon and find a solution with my issue.

Thanks in advance.


  • Hello! Please contact us using the e-mail address through the main page of our exchange (the blue 'Support' button at the very right side of the page). Only this way we can restore access to your account.
  • Ok, thanks. Just did it.
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